Tuesday’s Lincoln Square Farmers Market

27 Jul

Tuesdays are my day off from the kitchen and bath showroom and I like to take advantage of this day to the fullest.  Today I decided to venture out to the northside and check out the Lincoln Square Farmers Market.

I have a tradition that started when I was a little girl, going to Detroit Eastern Market –. farmers market in Detroit, MI with my parents.  Every saturday we got breakfast at the Farmers Restaurant and afterwards wandered through each market pavilion.  My brother and I could  pick one fruit or vegetable at the market and that night we would prepare it for the family.

Now I go to the farmer’s markets in Chicago and continue this tradition of trying something new from each visit.  This time, I found Shelly beans!  I have never heard of these beans, along with many other shoppers who were asking “what are these?” “how do I prepare them”Tonight I am excited to try a new recipe using these foreign beans (to me at least) CHEESE & BEAN CASSEROLE Recipe by Vegetarian Foods | ifood.tv.    It wasn’t easy to find a recipe for shelly beans, but I figure you can’t go wrong with beans and cheese!

Next time you go the farmers market, pick up something that you haven’t tried before, ask the farmer if they have any recipes or cooking suggestions or when you get home search for a recipe to try that night.  It is a fun way to explore new fruits and vegetables!

I also picked up some great sunflowers and corn on the cob!

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