1 Aug

Today’s fermentation experiment:

Baby beets from my Peasant’s Plot CSA, a fresh bulb of garlic grown by a fellow community gardener at Waters Elementary CPS and community garden, and a cayenne pepper from my balcony.

I quartered the beets, chopped the garlic into a few big pieces and sliced the cayenne.  Making a brine of about 2T salt to 2 cups water I poured the vegetables and brine  into a glass jar.  With any vegetable ferment it’s best to weight the plant material down to keep it submerged under the brine.  Here I have used a small mason jar filled with water, placed in the mouth of my larger fermenting jar.   Covered with a kitchen towel to keep out flies, and placed in a cool-ish area my beets will be bubbly and fermented within a few days.  I’ll taste them daily until they are as spicy and sour as I like and then place them in the fridge where they’ll keep for many months.  

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