Critical Mass 7/30/10

4 Aug

Armed with flags, stamps, and seed packets, Amanda and I took to the streets on Friday evening to promote the MFC during Critical Mass. With our bikes in tow, we gathered at Daley Plaza with thousands of other bicyclist to celebrate our favorite mode of transportation.

A tad after 6pm, the caravan decided to drive west into the sun; meandering down Adams, Madison and Hubbard, we finally made it to Grand and its wide berth. Once you leave the hubbub of the loop, the onlookers (pedestrians and drivers alike), stand in amazement at the spectacle and rejoice in hearing “Happy Friday” being broadcast from the stampede.

Handing out seed packets (basil) to locals in West Town, Humboldt Park and Logan Square, as well as stamping every little kids’ hand I could find, I hope to have spread our message even further than before.

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