Cultural Exchange at the Venice Biennale

15 Aug

We have an exciting cultural exchange opportunity while exhibiting the MFC in Venice!

For three days we will hold a design-built workshop in partnership with third year architecture students from the Faculty of Architecture at Ascoli Piceno of the University of Camerino.  Over these three days we will exchange ideas with the students and faculty about our respective food cultures as well as how designers are engaging with social issues. The end goal is to create a temporary space in Venice that engages visitors to the Biennale, residents, and tourists by highlighting the mission of the MFC. We hope to gain an understanding of food issues present in communities in Italy and around the world and learn techniques and strategies that will help our work here in Chicago.

The workshop will take place from Thursday August 26 through Saturday August 28 so please keep posted here  for updates!

Funds raised through Kickstarter are supporting this effort so thank you to have all donated!

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