Workshopping…. Day 2

22 Sep

After our first day with the Ascoli Piceno students, we left with them the task to brainstorm ‘flash mod’ event ideas that will engage visitors and locals of Venice and to activate/design a space to create a dialog around food. Ideas were already brewing, but the MFC didn’t know what the Ascoli Piceno students would decide to do until Day 2, the design build portion of our workshop.

Friday morning, as the we were getting ready for the American Pavilion’s press conference at the Biennale, Mora, who is the teacher from Ascoli Piceno called to find out their budget for buying materials and printing signs for the “flash mob”. Excited to find out what they’ve planned, we had to wait to until 2pm to know.

When we showed up at the students’ apartment where they were working, which was 5 minutes from the produce market and the Rialto Bridge, we were amazed to see the production that unfolded in their living room.  Mora and a few students recreated our programming icons for signs, another group of students assembled boxes to hold these signs, and one student typed up banners that said “Rethinking Food, Grow, Cook, Share, Eat” in Italian and English. Also, some of the girls sat in a circle and divided seeds brought from their home town, some even from their Grandmothers’ garden. They placed them into wax paper seed pouches and wrote the name of the seed in Italian and English on a little tag attached with string.

The students plan is to cover each riser of the “Bridge of Sighs” with ticker tape banners with the different sayings, alternating rethinking food, with grow/coltivare, cook/mangiare, share/condividere and eat/mangiare.  The programming icons will be placed on sticks and attached to the boxes with our logo.  To engage the crowd, they are going pass out the seed packets they are made accompanied with a recipe that uses that ingredient, as well as collect recipes and food stories from the public


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