CMAP GO TO 2040…meet the MFC

14 Oct

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On Wednesday October 13th, the Mobile Food Collective was proudly on display atop the roof of the Harris theatre in downtown Chicago. How did we get on the roof you might ask? Read on.

It was a lovely morning, full of torrential rain and thunderstorms. However that did not deter close to 1000 people from attending the launch of CMAP’s GO TO 2040 Plan. The Chicago Metropolitan Area Planners have been hard at work creating this broad agenda for over 3 years (I attended a charette last year), and on Wednesday morning, leaders of the Chicago’s 7 metro counties voted unanimously to adopt the plan. In addition to the plans attention on transportation, education and energy use, local food awareness and production was also in mix. Enter the MFC.

We arrived at the crack of dawn, mothership in tow. With only 4 of us to man the ship, and 3 flights of stairs to climb, we had to disassemble and take her up to the roof in pieces. It looked daunting, but we survived the ordeal. Once we found our spot under the tent we reassembled the smart cart (with signage!), and started to populate the table. I had gone up to Harvard, IL that past weekend and picked apples at Royal Oak Farms, so we decided to showcase some local produce (tasting) together with complementary recipes. We set up a couple laptops to show our Kickstarter video and a short film on a collection of food stories taken this summer down at Gary Comer Youth Center. All told, the mothership was in fine form. Abundant and beautiful.

The event drew a crowd that included many prominent Chicagoans included Mayor Daley (see pic), Senator Durbin, and WTTW’s own Geoffrey Baer (who moderated the panel). Needless to say, it was a great opportunity for us to help spread our message to another inviting and inquisitive audience. Many people were very interested in our project, and together with the help from other Archeworks personnel (Suzanne, Eric,and Phil), we were overcome with interest. A great big thank you to Lindsay who help coordinate everything as well. Couldn’t have done it without you.


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