Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre 2010

28 Oct

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These two very important organizations just finished up their conferences/festivals in Torino, Italy this week. Please take a moment and learn about their very important messages.

The Salone del Gusto is an international movement founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986. It strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and promotes farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem. It was the first established part of the broader Slow movement. The organization is about learning, knowing, comparing and discovering, but always in the name of a right to a responsible and fully shared pleasure; a festival, celebrating what we eat and the people who make it.

Terra Madre 2010 is intended to foster discussion and introduce innovative concepts in the field of food, gastronomy, globalization, economics. It’s a network of food communities, each committed to producing quality food in a responsible, sustainable way.

-“Chefs have to play a role in the evolution of the relationship that people have with food and places”, said Brazilian chef and food educator Teresa Corçao.
-“Ancestral knowledge is not folklore, but a form of life. More and more people are seeing nature as a living being: The potential of Terra Madre lies in recognizing and supporting different forms of subsistence.” Rumiñahui Anrango


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