Help support Logan Square Kitchen

4 Nov

Many of you know of, or at least have heard of the Logan Square Kitchen. It’s a fine establishment that opened their doors to the public over a year ago. And ever since then, they have run into countless red tape. It’s a space that acts as a shared kitchen (a nice big commercial kitchen that is), open to whoever wants to rent it out at the reasonable hourly charge. There is also an event space in the front of the space that can also be rented out. A cool business model, that is good for the community, oh, and did I mention their space is rated LEED Gold?

And they need help. The city has been yanking their chain over zoning and licensing issues for many months, essentially curtailing any consistent business. If you have a spare moment, please visit their website to learn more about the business. I’ve posted two links: one to their blog and the other a great article on LSK from the Chicago Reader. Thx.

LSK Speaking Up

Bread and Circuses (from the Reader)


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