Turkey day memories

2 Dec

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Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s by far my favorite American holiday. Why you ask? Because it involves a ton of wonderful food, mixed with friends and family, throw in some games (cards, football, etc.), good conversation, and wine and you have yourself a glorious day (not to mention that it’s a long weekend).

Part of what we do as the MFC includes gathering peoples food stories and histories and I’d like to invite everyone share their traditions with us. It could be a favorite dish/recipe your mom used to make or a favorite food memory from when you were a child. Something that has an emotional connection for you through food. We’ve begun a virtual archive and would like to add your story. Please email us at mobilefoodcolletive@gmail.com with your contribution.

I was fortunate to fly out to Colorado and spend my weekend with good friends (see pics), and our dinner was more of a potluck. Part of what Thanksgiving can do is bring many different traditions and dishes to the table. Something that I didn’t grow up with and now enjoy immensely because of its uniqueness is oyster stuffing. Here’s a link to its history and recipe (click here).


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