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Christmas Morning…

29 Dec

One of the best moments of my childhood happened three weeks before Christmas 1989.  My Mom and Dad asked my brother, Chris and I what we would like for breakfast on Christmas morning.  They said we could have anything we wanted, anything!  Now this was a big deal to for brother and I because we were used to eating vegetable sandwiches, drinking powdered milk and everything else healthy.  Immediately we thought of cupcakes, brownies…then sundaes, yes sundaes!  2 hours later Chris and I had the menu created and gave it to our parents.

Christmas Breakfast

Dad’s homemade waffles
Sanders Hot Fudge

Vanilla Ice Cream
Whip Cream

Oh man did our parents’ regret letting us make the menu!

My brother and I wake up bright and early every Christmas morning, now just a little later than when we were younger, to our parents preparing the waffle batter, cutting the fruit and making hot chocolate.

After stuffing ourselves with seconds and for my brother, thirds, we consider toning down the menu in the midst of the sugar rush and tummy ache, but then we remember this only happens one day out of the year and it is delicious.  Post clean up, its time for a nap to sleep off all of the sugar and fruit that we just consumed.

This tradition has being going on for 22 years and every year I look forward to spending the morning with my family covering waffles with fresh fruit, sanders hot fudge and a dollop of whip cream.

I can’t wait for the day when I can ask my children to pick their Christmas breakfast; I can only image what they will come up with!