Mart Recap

10 Feb


Thanks to all who came out or stopped by to see us at the Merchandise Mart during out ten-day exhibit, where we shared recipes, fresh herbs and food stories with hundreds of commuters who passed through that historic building.

Sharing is at the core of the MFC’s mission—whether it’s through trading recipes, exchanging herbs, or simply breaking bread together. We’re also interested in creating a community of knowledge and resource sharing, such as the Brown_line_map we created to provide information on where to find local sustainable food. If there are other resources along the brown line, or your line, drop us a line or post a comment to this post below.


In keeping with our mission to re-connect people through food, we were lucky enough to spend a little time with a few youth from Girls in the Game, a local non-profit that provides and promotes sports/fitness opportunities, nutrition/health education, and leadership development to enhance the health and well-being of teen girls. The girls had lots to ask and lots to share, including some fantastic food stories that we’ll be posting on the blog soon. Have a food story to share? Comment and add to our library of fantastic food narratives.

Speaking of posting, keep your eyes peeled for the recipes we shared each day at the Mart, as we expand our archive and invite others to contribute (that means you!).

We appreciate all of you helping us create an ongoing dialogue that will continue to grow…

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