In the summer of 2010, the Mobile Food Collective was given the news that our project was going to be representing the United States at the Venice Biennale for Architecture. We were all very excited about the prospects of being 1 of 6 projects showcased at the US pavilion, and even more enthusiastic about the possibility of going to the opening. With the help of Archworks, Kickstarter, and hundreds of individual donors, we were able to raise enough money to get us to Italy and attend the opening ceremony.

Part of what we did all summer was to work on the two components of the exhibit that was to be featured: a life size, three minute animated video representation of the MFC, and a conceptual model representing three unique programs/audiences.

For a bit of background, I’ve included our submission photos to the US pavilion 2010 book, “Workbook; the official catalog for Workshopping…An American Model of Architectural Practice”.

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Early on, we decided that to travel to Venice only to see our project at the Biennale would be squandering a golden opportunity. We decided to utilize our 4 key motifs (grow, cook, share, eat) and create a 3 day, cross cultural exchange workshop with a group of Italian architecture students from Italy. The first day we met in a big hotel conference room to discuss the differences/similarities of Italian/American food values. The second day we brainstormed on what type of programming and site we could use for the next day’s flash mob. And the third day we implemented our models onto Venice (at the bridge of sighs).

We were in Venice for a week, crammed into a 3 bedroom apartment, and worked our behinds off which seemed about 24 hours a day. But, between our responsibilities to the Biennale and our full schedules with our workshopping italian students, we still seemed to find time to enjoy the sights.


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