Archeworks is an alternative design school where students work in multidisciplinary teams with nonprofit partners to create design solutions for social and environmental concerns. The MFC team were all participants in the 2009/2010 school year. As an incubator for the project, Archeworks provided resources, guidance and inspiration for the seed of the collective.

Gary Comer Youth Center

Gary Comer Youth Center is dedicated to providing a greater opportunity for young people in their South Ingleside Chicago neighborhood to practice, to learn, to study, and to sharpen their skills and intellect, offering positive extracurricular alternatives in a welcoming and safe environment. Their mission is to provide the support for all of our students to graduate from high school, prepared to pursue college and careers. During the development of the MFC project, we participated in design workshops with the Gary Comer youth as part of our design thinking program development.

Rebuilding Exchange

The mission of the ReBuilding Exchange is to divert building materials from the waste stream and make them accessible to the public for reuse, protecting community health, creating jobs and saving resources. We used old growth donated from their reclaimed materials warehouse to craft the centerpiece of the mobile unit: the harvest table.


Thirst is a firm devoted to art with function and serves a collection of clients whose refined and enlightened design sensibilities yield rewards in the experience of creation. Our passion for design and embrace of new technologies make for a dynamic union of imagery and inspiration.

Thirst’s strategic and creative versatility continues to lead the discourse and pursue the elusive ideals of intelligence, fashion and real human presence within today’s world of communication.

Advocates for Urban Agriculture

Chicago Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) is a coalition of organizations and individuals open to anyone interested in learning about, networking and advocating for urban agriculture in the Chicago Area.

The group meets quarterly and maintains an array of committees dedicated to improving the state of urban agriculture in the city of Chicago.


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